Local elections run smoothly with Covid protocols in place

Local 146 ran a special call meeting Saturday June 6th, 2020 for the purpose of officer and delegate to the 42nd annual general convention nomination and elections. Below are the results of the elections:

President – Daniel Del Real

Financial Secretary – Norman Curry III

Recording Secretary – Evan Lamb

Vice President – Stan Harlan

Treasurer – David Hahm

Conductor – Kairat Adkins

Warden – Helen Gardner

Trustee – Kadence Jimenez

Trustee – Josh Lucas

Trustee – Josh Berry


Delegates to the 42nd General Convention

Daniel Del Real

David Hahm

Juan Sanchez

Don Stover

Kadence Jimenez

Trampas Simmons (Alternate)

Evan Lamb (Alternate)

Darren Moore (Alternate)


Congratulations to all the new officers and delegates!