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Standing Motions (Updated 2022)

September 2019 – Funny Hats are now allowed at Local Membership Meetings. October 2020 – All members who attend 12 consecutive meetings will be given a funny hat to wear at meetings. December 2021 – All motions made be submitted in writing prior to body voting. (Eboard)


Very busy and struggling to fill calls for journey level workers.They have also had some new realms of work picking up contractors that are using millwright to install the automated parking systems for garages and the short term rental electric bike racks in Washington. A. McCoy

Caucus attended Millwright, Piledrivers, Divers, Bridge, Dock, & Wharf Builders

Pile Drivers have been slow.They are hoping the Federal Infrastructure plan passes.If it does they are expecting funding for: Bridge and standard infrastructure but also Green energy projects such as wave energy projects. There are 5 locations in Oregon being studied for wave energy collection and or Off shore wind energy. Mortenson was able to […]

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