Taking Pride in Our Work and our Carpenter Members

Quality. Reliability. Professionalism. Skill Development. People who care. The Northwest Carpenters and Local 146 as Exterior Interior Specialist Carpenters we have a reputation for excellence, and strive to be a positive influence in our communities. Our regional contracting partners invest in training for our members from new-entries to decade-long members. We are training the next generation of workers and future leaders of industry to: better their industry knowledge, improve their “soft skills”, gain hands-on experience, and ultimately build a better future.

Exterior Interior Specialist & Carpenters Apprenticeship Training

What is an apprenticeship exactly? An apprenticeship is the original 4-year degree! Through a mix of on-the-job training, and classroom learning; the Northwest Carpenters along with the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute provide various crafts to “apprentice” under or learn how to master. This is where every Exterior Interior Specialist, Drywaller, Metal-stud framer, and Ceiling installer starts.

What you can expect as an EIS Apprentice.

Through a 4-year program and competitive wages right out of the gate, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to join the labor trades! Members of the Carpenter’s Union are entitled to free apprenticeship training with the cost of books coming out to less than $200 with opportunities for college credits with each 40-hour class. For more information check out our partner training center the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute. Click here to learn more!

Exterior interior Specialist & Carpenters Skill Advancement Training

As a Union Exterior Interior Specialist you can take advantage of skill advancement training through our partner training center PNCI (Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute); completely paid for by your employer! Check out PNCI's current class catalog on their website and sign up for a skill advancement class today! A trained carpenter is a working carpenter!

Many Great Training Oppurtunities!

Pacific Northwest Carpenters Instititute

Do you think you've got what it takes to be an Exterior Interior Specialist?

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