Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I get laid off?

First and foremost, you want to place yourself on the Mix20/20 dispatch line. Call the number directly to place yourself based on your skills. Click this link here to find out how to use the Mix20/20 system:
Make sure you’re ready and willing to take a job if you are on the dispatch list. You are recommended to solicit jobs in person (maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols in mind.) You are welcome to call a representative as well for leads and to assist you with your work search.
What’s the deal with the trust merger? It’s taking forever… 
The merger is still moving along. Currently, April 1st is the date for the vacation funds to merge over to The Carpenter’s Trust of Western Washington. Members have already received mailers on how to sign up for their new debit card accounts. For those who have not signed up for a debit card yet, the following link will assist you with taking care of that:
What should my current wage be?
Your current wages can be found here As Union carpenters, we receive raises every year, those raises go into effect June, 1st of each year.
Where do I go for all of my benefit information? Things like health and welfare, as well as my pension.
Our benefits are currently administrated by William C. Earhartt Company. Their website can be found here: You may use the participant login to sign up for site access so that you may see and access your benefit information online.
What does the Union do for sick or injured workers?
Local 146 has a contingency fund for members who will be displaced from work due to a non-work-related illness or injury. Members looking to access the contingency funds will need to email the local, or a local representative a request for the contingency funds, attached with documentation. Additionally, please reach out to a representative to get the Short-Term Disability paperwork. This will help extend your coverage if you will be out of work for an extended period of time.  
Where can I sign up for continuing education, skill advancement, and safety classes through the union?
The Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute is the main training center for Oregon/SW Washington Carpenters. Members can sign up for training at If it is your first time signing up for training, you will need to call PNCI’s main office to request a login and password at (503) 287-3708.